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Managing Director

"At IMT Foundry, I'm responsible for business relationships, marketing, finances, and legal issues. We will be happy to help you with your project."

Managing Director

"I have been enthusiastic about technology since childhood. At IMT Foundry, I am responsible for manufacturing and technology. I use both the latest studies and, above all, years of experience in this field. "

Jan Böhm
Production Manager

"From the drawing to the finished product, casting at IMT Foundry undergoes several manufacturing processes. I honor and preserve the measurable success of our experienced employees and in addition rely on new, advanced technologies in our industry. "

Marek Nykoljuk
Commercial Representative

"Outside the Czech Republic, I mainly focus on the eastern markets. I operatively communicate with new and existing customers in more than four world languages and deliver castings in every shape, size and material mix."