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Regardless of material or level of difficulty, you can always count on 100% quality.

The current production program mainly consists of single pieces, small series and prototypes of pure copper E-Cu, copper with chromium and zirconia. From copper alloys the complete range of bronzes and several aluminum alloys.

Copper CU 99,9% and CuCr
  • short circuits rings
  • primary conductors for current transformers
  • contact holders for traction motors
  • earthing and short-circuit contacts
  • contact tips of electric switches
  • castings with required thermal and electrical conductivity
Al alloys
  • lids, covers, stands, levers
  • fans, gearboxes, screws
  • benches, lattices (city, garden), furniture
  • corporate characters, other items
  • plates electric motors, numerals,letters
  • rings and sleeves of different diameters
  • impellers
  • wings toothed wheel hubs
  • screws, diffusers, spirals
  • gears with preloaded teeth
  • valve bodies, flanges
  • corporate characters, numerals, letters, inscriptions
  • various shape castings up to 320 kg

I want high-quality castings in exact material composition.